Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shanghai Lounge: Asian Fusion & Bar

Julia's leftovers with veggies
and chicken added from
The atmosphere was cozy and the food was delicious. Julia ordered the triple lo mein. She liked the noodles, but doctored it up a bit with soy sauce. She also wished there were more meat and veggies in the mix. Steven ordered the triple delight. Compared to Julia's portion, it seemed a bit small. And, after he gave Julia and I all of his broccoli and mushrooms, it was small. He swapped meals with Julia half-way through so she could enjoy his yummy brown sauce. Steven is the best sharer that I know, by far, and of course, the best dad. I ordered the grilled ginger salmon with asparagus. Maybe I was the only one that was super happy with my was so good. I certainly benefited from the Asian fusion, as advertised. The check came with little, very potent papaya candy.

We talked about Julia's friend's college list and a bit about our upcoming Carnegie trip that includes Chris (boyfriend). Steven thinks we should visit Ohio State; it is two hours from Pittsburgh. No firm decision yet. And, what about the looming government shutdown? We chatted a bit about how that may or may not affect Steven's company. Julia was quite tired after working all day for Capital Educators.

Recommendation: Get the grilled salmon!

Restaurant information:

Shanghai Lounge

1734 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, DC 20007
Phone: (202) 338-1588 

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