Sunday, February 9, 2014

Peacock Cafe

Tonight we ventured to Peacock Cafe in Georgetown. It was lightly snowing and cold as ever. Steven and I had the ahi tuna salad, Julia enjoyed the salmon. Steven tried (and shared) the South African beef bobotie (spiced meat with egg topping). It was delicious. Julia devoured the gluten free lava cake--with a couple sneaks of the ice cream. She's been doing well trying to stay on the allergy elimination diet. (No fun, but it will pay off.)

We talked about Ohio State University and our upcoming trip. My dear friend Vera sent me a link on the top global universities--OSU is listed.

Mostly, Steven traveled down memory lane and shared some really crazy stories from when he was Julia's age. Yikes. There was also a lot of ping pong talk…which we'll hopefully play with Chris next weekend.

Restaurant info: 3251 Prospect St NW, (between N Potomac St & N Wisconsin Ave), (202) 625-2740

Recommendation: Salmon, bobotie, and ahi tuna (rare).
Scottish salmon with potatoes and asparagus
Ahi tuna salad
South Africa Beef Bobotie with mango chutney and yellow rice
Ahi tuna salad
Gluten free chocolate lava cake

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